SAT 13 (Fortune 50 Client)

SAT 13 (Fortune 50 Client)

San Antonio, Texas

Architect: Corgan Associates

Owner: Confidential

The scope of work for this project will include the construction of  SAT 13. Datacenter building with associated site work. The SAT 13 project consists of five COLOs and an administrative office area. The SAT 13 building will be a dried in shell and infrastructure only, with the buildout projected for 2020. Construction operations for two additional identical buildings (SAT 11 & 12) will be conducted simultaneously with the SAT 13 work, as well as the completion of the SAT 09 & 10 buildings currently under construction by RO.  SAT 11 & 12 are not in the scope of this project.

12 MW 350,000 SF

Project Details

  • Pre-engineered Metal Building (PEMB) Structural and Shell
  • 350,000 SF
  • Potential to build out of 36 MW

Currently Under Construction

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